Americana Sandwich Knife in Red, White, & Blue – Kuhn Rikon 25304

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Buy your very own Americana sandwich knife for camping here. 

It’s a knife. It’s a spatula. It’s for camping. It’s Americana! So you have to have this. Like right now. Nothing is more important in your life than this sandwich knife spatula in red, white, and blue for your camping and summer holiday festivities.

The scalloped edge is so sharp that it really should have a cover, not a tiny guard, but… maybe those are just my bleeding fingers talking. Be careful.

But it’s worth it. This knife cuts through sandwiches and crusty bread rolls like a dream. It slices tomatoes, and it cuts onions paper thin. And if you’re going for a British mix with your Americana, then cut some cucumbers and make yourself cucumber sammies. Pinkies up!

Use the spatula function to easily get and spread mayo, butter, and Grey Poupon.  Shoot, bake something in your new outdoor oven and use the spatula to frost it.

So hey, guys and dolls, this little Betty also saves space and time since you’re storing and washing just one tool instead of multiple. Weeee! See how easy this camping thing is when you buy the right sandwich knife? Sigh. We are genius.

There’s also this cool red sandwich knife with a grater on top for dealing with cold butter.

More Product Details for the Kuhn Rikon 25304 Americana Sandwich Knife in Red, White, and Blue:
  • Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blade
  • Silicone-based nonstick coating ensures food will release easily from blade
  • The matching sheath is great for safe storage, camping, picnics, and travel
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash and air dry recommended

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