Women’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip Sun Protection Rashguard Swim Shirt

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Grab this cute Baleaf Women’s Swim Shirt here. 

It has been a principle for our sour pusses for quite a while that if anything even comes close to you needing a rash guard, that you could probably just find a more relaxing activity. That doesn’t seem to stop anyone though, so here we are.

And if you’ve got a rash, you probably should cover it up. No one likes a rashy mermaid.

But maybe we aren’t giving you enough credit! You might not be intending to wear this as a rashguard in the surf, but just as a kickass cover-up on the beach that makes you look like you might jump up at any moment and do the types of activities that give you rashes.

That’s hot. 

Anyway, we wanted to post this particular piece of summer beachwear because it’s more stylish for our rashy little mermaids than most swim shirts and UV shirts that look like surf shirts. And look, we have nothing against surfing, but we don’t really like the look or the thought of feeding our glamping queens to the sharks.

Does it truly have sun protection? 

“I wore it for 7 days, 6 hrs+ a day, in 115-degree sun on a lazy river/pool and got zero tan/burn. I am very pleased with it.”

This may even be comfortable as a maternity swim top, depending on your girth before the birth, but definitely postpartum, and possibly for nursing.

“I am 6 months pregnant and going on a babymoon this week and this rash guard is perfect. I ordered 3 different maternity rash guards to try and this is the winner for sure. I love that I’ll be able to adjust the sides to wear postpartum as well and it’s nursing friendly! My skin has been really sun sensitive this pregnancy, not to mention I just feel more comfortable with more coverage so I’m super happy with this purchase!”

Tall chicks, listen up

“I am 5’10” and wear size 12/14. I bought the coral in XL and love this. I have a ridiculously hard time finding items long enough for my arms and covering my torso. This fit me where “normal” length dresses normally do. The drawstrings go all the way to the bust so if it is too long, it could be shortened.”

Also check out the footwear and headgear to see if anything strikes your fancy pants.
But what you really need is a giant clam swim floatie to go with this shirt. Trust us.

More Baleaf Sun Shirt Details:
  • 85%Polyester, 15% Spandex
  • Soft, sleek, lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying fabric (be aware that like you, it’s not breathable under water)
  • Comes in a variety of colors (blue, fuchsia, black, coral, and white)
  • UPF 50+ blocks sun’s harmful rays (from your arms, belly, back, shoulders, and tatas)
  • Half-zip chest zipper with pull for easy on and off. 
  • The zipper garage protects your neck from chafing (because no rashy mermaid wants  chafing near her zipper garage. *ahem*)
  • Raglan long sleeves give you enough room to move and stand-up collar offers extra neck coverage (vampires be damned)
  • Women’s sizes ranging from x-small to x-large. 
  • Fits close to your body, but not tight.
  • Hand wash cold and dry flat
  • Adjustable side length for a custom look. (ruches, drawstrings, whatever you wanna call them, they’re fun, like you’re wearing a trendy Roman window shade on your hip)