Bottle Bash Standard Game Set for Camping, Picnic, Summer BBQ Fun

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Oh FFS! What’s worse than a picnic or camping and hauling ALL YOUR STUFF to the mosquito-infested outdoors? Having to play physical games there too.

But some of you that shall remain nameless need this whole sporty thing to feel complete, some of you need it to pacify the kids, and some of you wisely will make this a drinking game for the win.

At least the game set up takes less than one minute. 

Line up your mouse-clicking fingers or smartphones, click this link and
buy the Bottle Bash Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike right now.
You‘ll definitely won’t be sorry.

We can think of all kinds of places you can go instead of using this game to play this awesome game thingy. Picnics,  4th of July and Memorial Day parties, camping, tailgating, the beach, barbeques, and yawn company parties and team building exercises.

  • Enhances eye-hand coordination (so you spill less of your future adult beverages)
  • All players active with every throw of the disc (so you don’t lose anyone who tends to wander off)
  • A great team game (depending on how well they were taught to play with others)
  • You might want to watch our Health, Safety & First-Aid category for stuff you should have on hand if you plan to partake in “fun” things while camping.
More Bottle Bash Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike Details:

Poleish Sports combines elements of virtually all outdoor games and lawn sports. Throwing, catching, strategy, teamwork, offense, and defense are part of every toss in game play.

The game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams. The object of the game is to toss the flying disc at your opponent’s pole which has a bottle set on top as the primary target. However, unlike every other backyard game, the other team must play defense to catch both the disc and bottle to keep the other team from scoring.

All players remain active every throw of the game. Each team defends their pole and bottle which is set 30-40 feet from their opponent’s pole, no goaltending allowed.

Players take turns throwing the disc at their opponent’s pole/bottle and score 1 point (dropped disc), 2 points (dropped bottle), or 3 points (dropped bottle and disc). Game ends when a team reaches 21 points.

  • Game set up takes less than one minute and can be played on 20, 30, or 40 foot long areas depending on skill level
  • Includes (2) Non-breakable life like bottles, (2) Telescoping metal poles for use on sand or turf with a built-in scoring system,  (1) 160 Gram competition quality disc, and a Mesh carrying bag roomy enough for your day’s supplies.
  • Accessories: Multi-surface base with built-in cup holders for use on pavement, gymnasium floor or other hard surfaces 

Buy the Bottle Bash Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike right now.
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