Camp Kitchen Setup for the Best Camp Kitchen Around

camp kitchen setup, best camp kitchen, camp kitchen ideasThis camping dude we found has a nice 4+ minute video on his camp kitchen setup.

We want to help our sarcastic and reluctant camping fans find the best camp kitchen to make it less stressful in the great outdoors, so we’re showcasing his video and product selections for you.

He shows us his camp kitchen setup for outdoor cooking that works almost the same whether you’re RV living or tent camping.

We love that this camp kitchen setup is simple and an easy option for the best camp kitchen you can buy with just a few clicks. Check out his heavy duty Camp Chef Stove, Dutch ovens, outdoor dishwashing station, and storage.

Watch the video on his idea of the simplest but best camp kitchen and then we’ll find you the products below.

Now on to product suggestions for your camp kitchen setup, campers. Get out your wallet and take a valium, we’re about to go shopping up in here.

First, we humbly thank you for your purchases through our affiliate links. Your purchases help us continue to be able to write sassy things about camping gear.

⇒ The tables you will want are very much up to your needs, expectations, height, storage space, etc. There are tables with built-in storage and plain tables without.

So instead of pointing to specific products, we’re offering a simple portable folding camping tables search on Amazon.

If you’re pretty easy to please and looking for the tables in his video, you should find your tables on the first search page. Scroll away!

⇒ Will y0u need to add cover for your camp kitchen setup? Depending on your RV or campsite setup, your best camp kitchen might need a cover from the sun and the rain and birds and angels pooping.

Check out this camping canopy Amazon search for a bunch of ideas to cover your ass gear.

⇒ And of course the best camp kitchen often has a few Camp Chef logos in it. Their outdoor cooking systems (the stove) allow for growth later so you can add things like grill boxes and griddles, etc. Super cool and easy to go to one place to find your cooking gear. Check out our Camp Chef products page that links up to Amazon.

Want to add something a little extra? From breakfast skillets to baked goods, this Camp Chef stove and oven combo is for you.

⇒ As for the dutch oven table, you may or may not want to try cast iron cooking/dutch oven cooking just yet. But if you do, this YouTuber noted what he was looking for in another table.

We found a higher-backed table with legs, just as he talked about. But on the Amazon search page, we found the dutch ovens and accessories you should look into as well.

So head to this link for dutch oven tables, dutch oven options, and their accessories and see what they offer.

At the very least, you’ll want a table and dutch oven if you decide to cook that way.

You’ll also want to look at a lid lifter or heat resistant gloves (also in those search results) and perhaps a lid stand, though your lid should be fine if set on the dutch oven table itself.

Want to learn how to cook with a dutch oven? Check out some books on dutch oven cooking.

⇒ So he’s using various-sized storage bins for utensils on the table and then bigger ones underneath. Easy peasy. But again we’ve offered a search results page for “storage bins with lids” because there are a bajillion options and only you know what will work for you.

Hakuna Matata, grumpy camper.

The Cuisinart STOW-8 set of stainless steel nesting pots he uses has been discontinued. However, a search of Amazon brought up several more options.

Go straight to the Magma Products cookware sets for several options, or scan this search result (stainless steel cookware set camping) for more information and ideas on a stainless steel set for your camp kitchen setup – especially the nesting sets.

⇒ Have no idea what cooler to buy if you’re not interested in the old standard? Try one of our selection of cooler finds. We will continue to post cooler ideas as we find them. Or try this amazing camp refrigerator/freezer/cooler.

⇒ He shows us his dishwashing setup and, well, you’re on your own for now with that. There are just too many variables to cover in this post if you’re using an RV or tent camping, tailgating, etc.

However, we’ll be nice and show you this Coleman folding double basin camping sink as a peace offering.

⇒ So, that should do it. Whew! We need to go sit in a comfy chair and relax. Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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