Outdoors & Camp Neoprene Zipper Sleeve Insulated Beer Bottle Covers

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Look at it this way, you can invite 9 of your friends and give each of them one, or you can outfit 10 cold beers ahead of time and if you reach the end of the 10, you know you’re done for the night.

“High-quality bottle coozies with an outdoor theme. The stitching is solid on these and the graphics are sharp and bold. Although the set has pairs of five colors, the graphics on all ten are different, meaning that you will be less likely to pick up the wrong beer at a party. (Assuming you look at the coozie before taking a swig. Otherwise, may the odds be ever in your favor.) I have used this while grilling, and despite my drink being next to the grill, the coozie kept my drink perfectly cool. Awesome for the summertime coming up!”

  • GREAT VALUE – get your set of 10 bottle sleeves to keep your drink cool and the party going
  • STYLISH ACCESSORY – Great Outdoors features adventurous camping themed sayings and designs
  • EASY TO USE – slide your bottle into the sleeve, zip it closed, and enjoy your insulated beverage
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – made with durable, 3MM thick neoprene featuring an alloy metal zipper
  • GREAT GIFT! Perfect for friends and parties. Plus they fold flat to go anywhere you need them