Coleman Folding Double Basin for Washing Camping Dishes, Backpacking, Glamping

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Purchase this affordable Coleman portable double wash basin
for doing the dishes in the great outdoors instead of
throwing them out like we know you want to.

We are not great at not being blunt, so stick with us. We have no regrets though, we are here to make camping easier for those who hate it when they go but go anyway. If we didn’t bluntly point things out, your trip might be more miserable, right? Anywhoooo…

First, this Coleman company portable camping sink is sturdy and well-made of a plastic that has a good thickness. 

But now for the bluntness… If you order this, you have to use your bean about a few things. 

  1. Sometimes in manufacturing (any product), things aren’t perfect, so you need to try this sink out at home before you go by putting a little water in both sides to check the seams. If there’s an issue, you simply contact Amazon and you get a fast replacement. Voila!
  2. You must be careful with things like knives and poky skewers. It’s not made of stainless steel…it’s plastic. We suggest not placing sharp things directly in this basin.
  3. While this baby has handles, we do not recommend walking around with the basin after it is filled. That’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. We suggest using Dawn dish soap because if that stuff can get Exxon oil off of ocean fowl, it can clean your dishes and keep the basins grease-free.
More Product Details

This lil wash pup folds up small and compact for easy storage and travel while camping, glamping, backpacking and more. And it weighs very little.

It’s possible that with its 10 x 20 x 6.5 in. with two 10 x 10 in. compartments that it might hold 2.8 gallons in each basin.

The handles make this portable wash basin easier to lift and it has 6 rod supports.

‘Nuff said? It’s affordable too!

So purchase this Coleman portable double wash basin for doing the camp dishes…or making someone else do them.