Microfiber Towel, Fast Drying, Super Absorbent, Ultra Compact for Camping, Beach, Swimming, Backpacking.


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For everyone who gets wet, like backpackers, campers, swimmers, and shower-ers. Or something like that.

This microfiber towel is super absorbent, fast drying, and causes little whining. Great for camping with dogs and on rainy days too.

When you’re traveling and need everything to fit just right in your duffel, backpack, totes, RV, or whatever, this is a great option. It folds down compact to stuff anywhere. Come on, just stuff it.

More microfiber Travel, Backpacking, and Camping Towel Description
  • Several sizes and colors available.
  • Reusable and waterproof carry bag included.
  • Remarkably soft suede-like feel on your skin.
  • Hang snap loop makes it practical & easy to hang anywhere and dry. 
  • Corner zip pocket (40 x 70 inches) helps you to keep your valuables safe, such as cellphone, keys.
  • The Rainleaf microfiber towel is anti-bacterial so it’ll stay fresh and keep odors & germs away.
  • You can return the towel you buy from us for a replacement via Amazon if you experience any problem with our towel.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It is suggested to wash your towel before first use. Wash separately the first 2-3 times as color may bleed. Do not bleach.

Towel Sizes Available 

– Microfiber Towel 12 x 24 inches
– Microfiber Towel 16 x 32 inches
– Microfiber Towel 20 x 40 inches
– Microfiber Towel 24 x 48 inches
– Microfiber Towel 30 x 60 inches
– Microfiber Towel 40 x 72 inches