The United States Of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America

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Mmmm… beer. The only thing that might make camping easier or better is a good, cold beer on tap. And not just any beer; but really good beer. Beer you can’t get at 7-11.

Purchase this book and plan a road trip just for the beer. The United States Of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America.

And while you’re headed to breweries, take this amazing beer growler along to fill up and enjoy cold, fresh beer for hours (or weeks if in a refrigerator) on your camping, glamping, vacationing, staycationing or whatevering trip.

Gift this handy guide as a gift for the holidays or Father’s Day. We mean, if you don’t mind them wanting to drag you along for the beer ride after.

More Book Details:

From California to Maine–check out the greatest craft breweries in the United States!

Fifty fascinating states, 50 awesome breweries, and 50+ handcrafted beers–what more could you ask for? In The United States of Craft Beer, beer expert, and homebrewer, Jess Lebow invites you along on his state-by-state exploration of America’s greatest breweries.

From Jack’s Abby Brewing in Massachusetts to the Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii, this guide teaches you everything you need to know about the people who make the nation’s best-tasting beers and the innovative brewing methods that help create the perfect batch.

Each intoxicating entry also highlights other popular beers that can be found throughout that state, so that you can sample every delicious sip the United States has to offer.

Complete with photos of the beers and breweries, The United States of Craft Beer gives you the lowdown on all things craft beer as you make your way across the country.

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