Camping Fridge: Dometic CFX Compressor Portable Refrigerator / Freezer

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Need a camping fridge or freezer?


Buy this Dometic CFX Compressor Portable Refrigerator and Freezer
on Amazon and don’t look back.

These camping “coolers” make us excited. SO EXCITED. They’re a swanky cooler-sized fridge and freezer for camping and tailgating. 

It’s an investment, so we wanted to be sure you get what you need. Check out the product details below and why we’re slobbering all over this one. Dometic is an excellent brand with great reviews.

They seem to be where you’ll want your beer and ice cream.
Uh.. we mean, your water and, you know, things you can actually eat.

And dude! They come with a USB port for charging smartphones or small electronic devices. Are you for serious right now?!

According to this awesome portable refrigerator review, “There are currently 22 versions of Dometic powered boxes. This large number of refrigerators makes it overwhelming to decide which is best. When it comes down to it, the two series you should most likely be looking at is the CFX and the CF Series.”

That’s a lot, but thanks to them we know what series to look for.

There are model comparisons and very detailed reviews to peruse on the Amazon page for this camping fridge. This gets us all excited because a lot of the research you need to do on such an investment is right there for you.

You may also wish to get the Dometic CFX-IC28 CFX-28 Insulated Protective Cover for this unit.

Product details for the Dometic CFX compressor portable refrigerator/freezer:

  • Provide excellent cooling performance, even at extreme ambient temperatures and with minimal power consumption.
  • They can be used for standard refrigeration as well as for freezing.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty features like reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges, and a robust lid lining, hi-tech cfx refrigerator/freezers can withstand the most demanding of loads.
  • Even so, they are remarkably lightweight and easy to transport.
  • The cfx 35W to cfx 100W models give you the convenient option of controlling and monitoring the cooling temperature by WiFi app (excludes cfx-28 & cfx 65Dz).
  • Suitable for deep freezing down to -7 degree F (-22 degree C) without the need for ice.
  • All operate on 12/24 Volts DC and 120 Volts AC, so they move seamlessly from home to vehicle. (12/24 V DC Cord and 120 V AC Cords included).
  • Cfx special electronics with digital temperature display.
  • Extremely efficient and superbly quiet operation.
  • USB port for charging smartphones or small electronic devices.
  • Drain plug makes cleaning simple.
  • Energy-efficient LED interior light.
  • Suitable for solar operation.
  • 3-Stage battery protection.
  • Memory maintains preset temperatures even if systems are turned off.
  • The cooling compartment has removable wire basket.
  • Great for adding refrigerator or freezer space to any RV, car, truck, or boat. With the ability to utilize multiple power sources you can take your refrigerator/deep freezer with you on any adventure.
  • Perfect for Glamping too!