QuickPlay PRO Folding Bench with 4-9 Seats for Camping & Tailgating

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How cool is this portable bench of individual seats?
GREAT for putting a bunch of people in time out too.

One carrying bag for 4-9 seats!

Comfortable, strong, easy to carry, easy to fold. Buy your QuickPlay PRO Folding Bench at our affiliate link and get away from having to carry so many chair bags around. Camping is hard enough.

Great for reunions, picnics, inviting people over to your campsite (why would you do that?!), family camping, tailgating4th of July and other holiday parties, outdoor events, and more.

QUICKPLAY PRO PORTABLE FOLDING BENCH features a fast set-up folding steel frame. The bench comes with its own bag for easy transportation and storage. No instructions or assembly is required.

HEAVY DUTY This bench has been specifically designed with vertical support steel poles to provide added stability, an important feature missing from many other portable benches. Each seat holds up to 250 lbs, making the QUICKPLAY PRO bench suitable for both kids and adults to use. It also features a high-quality durable fabric and comfortable high backrest.

VERSATILE The QUICKPLAY PRO bench is the ideal portable seating solution for sports teams or tournament spectators. It’s so versatile you’ll use it again and again on camping trips, extra seating at parties, tailgating, etc.

NOW AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES 4, 6 and 9 seats. Each seat is 17 inches wide, with 11.5-inch high seat backs for added comfort. The 6 seat bench weights 23 lbs, 4 seat bench weighs 16 lbs.