FurryFriends Large Portable Dog Pool for Backpacking, Camping & Glamping

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We love love love our dogs and want to take them camping with us. Or maybe we have to take them with us for various reasons. Either way, when out there in the wild, sometimes it’s a bigger deal that we realized it would be.

We got you, boo!

Guaranteed, if your pooch loves to play, they will spend hours frolicking in this collapsible tub. You can use it to bathe them after a walk or before heading home too. But think about the possibilities here… play. for. hours. nearby. You don’t have to do anything but unfold it, then find a place to set it down and fill it up.

Bonus: If your pup likes to share, you might as well get in there too. Be sure to wear this hat so your dog knows who is the alpha…

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More Product Details:
  • Two sizes available (50″ x 12″ and 32″ x 8″) so there’s plenty of room for large dogs to get completely soaked and cool off
  • Two colors available: blue and red
  • The dog pool is portable, foldable, and easy to take on the go.
  • No inflation required. Setting the pool up and taking it down is quick and easy.
  • To set the pool up simply make sure the drain plug is closed and then place a running garden hose inside the pool to fill it to the desired depth
  • Attached drain plug that allows you to quickly empty your pool
  • Its paneled segments fold down for portability and space-saving storage. When the pool is empty and dry just fold and pack it up.
  • This puppy dog pool is made of durable multilayer high-grade material designed to hold up firmly and last for a long time. Durable bottom ensures your pool will not rip or puncture when your pet is enjoying the pool.
  • The company says you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your pool won’t tear or leak, while you watch your pup run and jump in and out of the water. And with a purchase through Amazon, refunds and exchanges are pretty easy in our experience.