Hershey’s S’mores Caddy for an adorable win around the campfire

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Do you really need this? No. But do you *need* this Hershey’s S’mores caddy for your camping trip? Yes, of course you do. Because camping with us means camping in style and comfort whether you need to or not.

It’s actually pretty fantastic when you’re heading out to the fire pit for S’mores and don’t want to juggle everything. Easy for kids to carry too. And this makes a fun gift for campers who have everything or as a surprise for the kids on a family camping trip.

Though not airtight, this little darling Hershey’s S’mores caddy will help keep your crackers and marshmallows fresher for a bit longer than if you just leave them in a grocery bag. So long as their wrappers are closed like they should be (and we know this because most of us were not born in barns).

The Hershey’s S’mores caddy does not come with the food supplies. Don’t be ridiculous. But it does come with a removable tray, a carrying handle, made of sturdy plastic, and is washable and reusable in case you’re counting your carbon footprints like a solar-powered green sasquatch.

Plus, no broken graham crackers, no bee swarms, no fly vomit, fewer ant invasions…though I can pretty much 100% guarantee this won’t be bear proof.

And we cannot do anything about the fact that some of you will leave this in a hot vehicle or direct sun.

Anyway, this super cute caddy that reminds me of cool fishing tackle boxes and those girlie Caboodles cases we used for everything as kids. Yes, please! The grown-up, chocolate loving version of those, of course.

Let’s see, what else should you know? The company says it’s making changes to hold bigger crackers, but as we know it, the caddy holds (1) 10oz. bag of most marshmallow brands, (2) packs of most graham cracker brands, and approximately (12) regular-sized Hershey bars.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but with that lightweight load, you might want two caddies.
Just sayin’. One would be mine, one for the family.
Kidding. That should feed a family.

(Totally not kidding.)

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