Who knew? Inflatable Tub Spas for Camping & Glamping

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When considering camping and glamping, one doesn’t necessarily think about bathing or having access to a tub or spa. Or perhaps you’re really anxious about your options and overthinking it.

Is it a woman thing? We don’t know…but no one likes to get the cold hose or lay on the ground in front of a spigot to wash your hair.

So we want to let your mind wander to what could be! Because if having a tub gets you out there or is the only thing holding you back, then Indoorsy, Outside wants to offer you some solutions.

When researching tubs for the great outdoors, we not only saw three types of tubs, we found many options and brands. That tells us, you’re not the only one looking. There’s a definite market, so grab yourself one too.

This page features the inflatable bathtub.
This set of inflatables would work well for bathing the kids too. However, not your pets, for obvious reasons.

And don’t forget to grab your repair kit for emergencies!

We curated a bunch of inflatable tub spas for camping in various price ranges from under $50 to over $200. They have some different features and reviews, so you’ll need to find what you think is the right one for you or your family while camping it up.

And remember! Keep these away from the fire pit or campfire. But if you don’t, send us pictures of the consequences (evil laugh).

Some Features You’ll Find in Some Tubs

  • Foldable when deflated and lightweight to save space and effort.
  • Easy to clean
  • Can hold about 50 gallons of water
  • Either an electric pump (USA Electric Standard) included, or foot pump usually included.
  • Lidded design to keep water warm for approximately 2 hours, which is longer than a standard bathroom tub, or approximately 1 hour for the non-lidded versions.
  • Some come with a draining hose and/or drain plug in the bottom. Some don’t.
  • Some come with instructions, some don’t, but they’re generally easy and intuitive to use.
  • Some have handrails and inflatable pillows.
  • Some have cupholders that will hold beverages, cell phones, and MP3 players.
  • Most will have a plastic smell when first unwrapped by you from the factory.
Are you ready to have a look? Here are some links to tubs we found:
    1. This foldable blue spa comes with a low price point and decent reviews.
    2. This Sunhai& Household European style inflatable bathtub has a much higher price point and no reviews yet (as of this posting), but is better looking and sounds absolutely luxurious. Amazon is quite awesome with customer service and I’m confident they will help you with a replacement or refund if there are any problems.
    3. Another blue one that’s supposed to be a comfortable soaking tub.
    4. This PM YuGang inflatable bathtub comes in blue or pink with an added bottom pad and made from environmentally friendly PVC.
    5. This portable folding inflatable bathtub is in orange and white like an orangesicle ice cream. Yum.
    6. If you wanna be the Glamping queen, this inflatable spa is in gold!
    7. Check out this pink inflatable adult bathtub with a cupholder.
    8. This inflatable camping bathtub is also in pink and seems to be a slimmer version.
    9. With a lower price point, but some bells and whistles, check out this inflatable camp bathtub.
    10. This one says it’s a “comfortable portable inflatable bath tub with an electric portable air pump”
    11. Some questions answered and reviews for this inflatable spa with an electric air pump that seems to have some nice features and is affordable.

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