JACO BoostPro Portable Power Bank for Camping and Road Trips

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Buy the JACO BoostPro Portable Power Bank before you step outside again.

Usually, when we look at this stuff, our eyes roll back so far we see 1980.

But in order to make camping more survivable for all, we’ve started to sit up and take notice of terms like “power banks” because holy crap, these are amazing.

This is specifically the JACO BoostPro car battery jump starter. But it’s got a lot more than just reducing your need for jumper cables. We mean, road safety is important on road trips, but this is also a portable power bank that will make your camping trip soooo much better.

I’m getting heated just thinking about using it.
Featuring a crisp LCD battery life display screen, with dual USB ports for on-the-go road tripping and camping power for your smartphone, tablet, lantern, tent fan, personal smoothie maker, Kindle, and on and on and on. 

But wait, there’s more! (heehee)
12V DC Adapter Included which provides an on-the-go 12V power supply for most devices that run strictly from your vehicle’s 12V DC socket like electric coolers, tire inflators, grills, vacuums, refrigerators, and more.

This is sold exclusively by JACO Superior Products and comes with a bunch of schtuff, and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee thingy.

What Comes in the Box?

BoostPro Power Station + Jumper Cables
Home Charger (AC) + Car Charger (DC)
3-in-1 Smartphone Charging Cable
12V DC Power Supply
Certificate of Quality
Heavy Duty Hard Zip Carry Case

More JACO BoostPro Portable Power Bank Product Details:
  • Unbeatable roadside safety – features a super bright LED safety flashlight with emergency SOS functions, rugged fireproof outer casing, battery jumper feature, and power supply for 12V & USB devices
  • Forget jumper cables forever – BoostPro boasts a powerful 16,500 mAh battery with 600 amps of peak current to boost dead batteries (up to 6.5L gasoline or 5.2L diesel engines) 20-30x per charge!
  • Trio Lithium-ion Battery Technology – powered by three premium internal 3.7V lithium-ion cells working in synergy to produce 12V output for maximum power efficiency & battery life
  • Built to last from top-notch performance components. For your safety and confidence, it’s built from rugged fireproof outer casing & backed by FCC, CE, and RoHS approval.
  • 100% FREE manufacturer warranty for 12 months with LIFETIME priority customer support.



Ready?? Buy the JACO BoostPro Portable Power Bank 
before you ever even think about stepping outside again.