Plush Kids Animal Sleeping Bag, Fox, Giraffe, Monkey, Hippo, Camping

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Fantasy Fields Kids Plush Sleeping Bags come in hippo, monkey, giraffe or fox.

Combine two things that kids freaking love: plush animals and sleeping bags. Voila! Happy campers.

  • Fox – Red
  • Giraffe – Yellow
  • Hippo – Soft Blue
  • Monkey – Brown

Sleeping bag, slumber bag, kids slumber bag


Children that under 4′ tall can snuggle into their very own sleeping bag. They will have ample room to stretch out and relax and drift off into slumberland.

Sleeping bag, slumber bag, kids slumber bag

Easy to Wash (100% Polyester)

Sleeping bags won’t carry germs as they are easy to wash and they won’t be ruined in the dryer. Children can enjoy their sleeping bags for years to come.

Sleeping bag, slumber bag, kids slumber bag

Animal Face Pillow

Sleeping bag comes with a soft pillow in the shape of a friendly animal face. If sleeping bag portion isn’t used, it can still be used as a cozy pillow.

Sleeping bag, slumber bag, kids slumber bag


Sleeping bag blanket fits into the head and pillow features a velcro strap, making it easy to tidy up and carry into other rooms.

Pajama Party Time

Does your child love the great outdoors and the animals they see on their journeys while camping? Bring the fun to their very own room with Fantasy Fields slumber bag! There are 4 animal options provided to fulfill different kid preference, such as fox, giraffe, hippo, and monkey. Your kids will love slipping into at the end of the day or during nap time. Head of the sleeping bag features an animal face that can be used as a pillow. Arms are also attached so when children need that extra love and affection they can have a hug from their new best friend. What a great way to combine a security blanket and a stuffed animal into one! Bring the camping trip to your little one’s bedroom with this unique and fun design.

  • Imported
  • It zippers on the side like a regular sleeping bag.
  • Suitable for children up to 4′ tall. From age 3 and older. 
  • Sleeping bag: 60.5″X42.25″ x 4″. throw pillow: 17″x10″x8″.
  • Complies with cpai-75 U.S. Flammability test requirements for sleeping bags. 
  • No assembly required. Features Velcro straps to make it easy to store. Let your little ones learn how to fold their sleeping bags easily and put it away.
  • No worries on how to clean it, it is machine washable!
  • Material shell: 100% Polyester/filler: 100% Polyester
  • Perfect as a gift for the holidays or when camping with kids.
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