Original Pop-Up Privacy Room in a Bag for Road Trips, Camping, Glamping

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Buy the Original Pop-Up Room in a Bag right here.


We say, if you got it, flaunt it! The neighbors at the nearby campsite may say something different. To heck with them, but if you need some quick, portable cover and don’t have an engineering degree to design an outdoor privacy room in a pinch like MacGyver, you want this blue pop-up thingy right here that opens in seconds anywhere.

This blue bombshell also includes a free tie-down kit (ropes & stakes) plus sewn-in weight bags just in case it gets windy or someone wants to be frisky and give it a yank.

Product Details for The ORIGINAL “Pop-Up Room in a Bag”
  • Opens in seconds for privacy anywhere. Works as a changing room, potty room, or shower room
  • Durable steel frame design with weather-resistant material
  • Built-in bags for weight and includes stakes for windy conditions
  • Base dimensions: 36 x 36; Dimensions in bag: 20 x 20 x 1 inch
  • Perfect for boating, beach, camping, glamping, backpacking, river fun, theme parks, changing clothes anywhere, road trips, anywhere tripskids and more! even works poolside at your own home.

Instant Privacy
Have you ever needed a private place to change clothes, dry off, take a shower or use the restroom? Now you can, with the Original “Pop-Up Room in a Bag”. The open top allows ANY height to use with complete privacy. The frame is made from dura-light steel to ensure long-lasting use and weather-resistant material for use in any weather conditions.

Easy Set-Up
Ready to use in seconds, just take it out of the convenient carrying bag and out it pops – there are NO PARTS TO ASSEMBLE. And, when you’re done, the Pop-Up Room collapses in seconds and goes back into the carrying bag.

Portable Design
The “Pop-Up Room in a Bag” is lightweight (3 lbs) and folds flat (20″x1″) for compact travel and storage. 36″x36″ footprint. You simply enter through the LARGE full double zipper door.

An instant changing / shower / potty room for all your swimming, camping, glamping activities. Buy the Original Pop-Up Room in a Bag.

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