T-Bar Portable Bar Set – Folding Serving Tray with Legs and Carrying Case

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Buy the T-Bar Portable Bar Set here. It’s a floating bar tray with detachable legs and a sweet carrying case so you can take it on BBQs and picnics, ocean beaches, lakes and pools, camping and road tripping.

Since this portable bar table has detachable legs and can float, it works for both vacays with pools and landlubbers only. Or God forbid, two different camping trips (because one is more than enough). At least it also has a carrying case and comes in yellow or gray.

A cool thing about this portable bar is that you don’t have to get dressed up to go to the bar and pay for expensive drinks around musty strangers. You can sit in the sun and the sand and the sweltering heat with gnats biting your face instead.

Stick it full of snacks, ice, and drinks in the multi-sized cup (each holds up to a 1.5 liter bottle) and removable snack holders, leave it on its legs or float it in the water. And when you get home, you can use it there too or hand it off to the kids to do whatever they will to it.

Add a glamping kick to it and turn it into a tiki bar set with some cocktails and umbrellas.

Or use it for tailgating with just plain good, cheap beer and nuts.

This is also perfect for full-time RV living as it can be put away in storage and pulled out when you really want to impress nobody.

Oh! Or set it up in the bathroom to keep him busy when he poos because he has no other access to civilization like a phone or newspaper.

If you don’t absolutely love your floating pool bar, you can return it for a full refund. Or just get drunk and be happy with what you were given.

Buy the T-Bar Portable Bar Set here.

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