SolarHelix Portable Compact LED Solar Camping Lantern

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Grab your Solight Design SolarHelix Portable Compact LED Camping Solar Lantern.

There was at least one time in our camping history where we were either sleeping on the ground or in a tent and things were hooting and squawking and rustling and tossing nuts or something all around us and we would have loved to have a solar camping lantern to ward off all that forest evil. Flashlights just won’t do in such cases.

So here we are, older, wiser, richer, and sick of roughing it and voila! Technology has made it possible for us to have a solar lantern to make things in and outside of our tent (or RV now) really pretty and less scary.

Grab your Solight Design SolarHelix Portable Compact LED Camping Solar Lantern here before squirrels carry you away in the night. Yes, we just called you a nut for camping.

On the same sales page, you can choose 1 or a multipack of 10 in multiple colors. There are settings for steady color and alternating color effect. Oh yes, please! Imagine setting them up all around you outside? 

This is pretty genius for camping with kidstent camping, night-time fun anywhere you’re taking your scaredy butt to camp too. It even folds flat enough you could take it backpacking (though you would need it to have enough direct sunlight to charge).

This solar light can float and be submerged to 6 feet below water surface. Imagine how it will illuminate late night swims… but then the swamp monster might be attracted to it.

More Great Product Details About This Solar Camping Light
  • Charging in the sun for 8 hours will give enough light for 8-12 hours.
  • Solight Design’s SolarHelix is a solar-powered self-inflating lantern that is durable, flexible, waterproof and can float.
  • The self-inflating SolarHelix twists open and twists close. A slight push will start the deflation process in motion and it will remember to pack flat, back to a square.
  • There is a clear handle on the top to use to hang with string or a carabiner.
  • Uses renewable, clean solar energy; weighs only 2.6 ounces and can be packed flat to 0.25″ thin
  • Light a room of up to 100 sq ft by pressing power button 1x for low, 2x for high, and 3x to flash
  • PV Solar panel can recharge 80% discharged batteries in 4.1 hours of direct sunlight
  • Made from water-resistant, recyclable PET, a flexible TPU, SolarHelix is the lightest solar lantern on the market
  • The Merlin series optimizes the magic of six colors in one unit. Red, green, blue, yellow, white and pink LEDs create a spectacular array of beautiful hues. Simply press the button to change color — display one steady color or set it to automatically change the colors for you.
  • Renewable solar energy means zero carbon footprint and long-term clean energy to mitigate environmental degradation.
  • To aid our mission, 3% of our net sales goes to supplying lights throughout the world through our NGO partners, who work in developing regions to deliver lights to people in need.
  • “When the Haiti earthquake happened, I turned my studio at Columbia University into an innovation studio for developing solutions to help Haiti, and then the application of the solar inflatable light became the SolarPuff and the SolarHelix.” – Alice Min Soo Chun, CEO Solight Design

Grab your Solight Design SolarHelix Portable Compact LED Camping Solar Lantern