17.5″ Textaline Portable Side Table, Many Colors, Mesh Drink Holders

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If you’ve ever gone camping without the right side tables, you end up setting things on the ground. Spills, pests, all kinds of things happen. Your desperately needed morning coffee ends up everywhere instead of in your veins. Or you have to sit at the picnic table and then your rear end gets sore. Or is that just us?

While it’s not as nice looking as some glamping tables might be, we chose to showcase this particular 17.5″ outdoor side table for several reasons.

The table’s weight capacity is 75-pounds as it uses a sturdy iron tube construction.  So when my Boxer tries to put her huge body on this table like a circus seal on a tiny ball, it doesn’t collapse. It inevitably tips over, but not because she hurt it. She only hurts her pride because she thinks she’s a lap-sized dog.

However, aside from a big dog that has no boundaries, this table sits quite sturdy and a little wind or bump won’t knock it or your drinks ass over teacup.

And once your own trained seal is done trying to use the table, since it is made from textaline, it wipes clean with a damp cloth. Yes, I just called your spouse a trained seal.

The two drink holders can hold a 30-ounce Yeti cup, so they’re nice and big. And they’re mesh, so they won’t be gross and wet.

It’s foldable for compact, easy portable travel. It measures 17.5″L x 17.5″W x 21″H.

see Get the Trademark Innovations foldable textaline side table for camping,
glamping, tailgating, beach trips, and more.

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