Roadtripping Book: THE NEXT EXIT – 2018 updated, 27th edition

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So you wanna road trip with your RV or fulfill your amazing tent camping dreams? You can look up campgrounds and other destinations before you go or along the way. There are apps for just about everything too.

I mean, if you have cell service where you’re headed and everything you need to know can be easily found online. 

But what about when you need to stop along the way and there’s no easy compilation on your smartphone or no Wi-Fi?

Have you ever caught yourself swearing or pouting or yelling at your partner because you’re stressed over finding eateries, shopping, lodging options, pet potty spots, human bathrooms, or *gasp* unexpected repairs?

Have you ever been to one of those literal holes in the ground in Nevada that they pass off as roadside bathrooms? If you have, you will understand the need for this book.

And you will never get that horrific memory out of your mind.

You deserve way better. We got you, boo! There’s a better way to make this next trip SO EASY on you, your partner will wonder why you’re so chill and probably get really paranoid. That’s fun. Definitely invest in this book just for that.

“The Next EXIT 2018 is the 27th updated edition of the iconic USA Interstate highway exit directory, which lists gas, food, lodging, shopping and many other services. The most complete directory ever printed, it will help you find everything you need in the windshield, not the rearview mirror.”

“Mark Watson has collected, tabulated and updated exit information for over 35 years. Every effort has been made to produce the most correct travel services publication money can buy.”

Great reviews! 

“This book is indispensable when traveling. Easily find bathrooms, car repairs, favorite restaurants, campgrounds…whatever you need is right here and organized by exit number/mile marker, direction from the exit and best of all for those of us with trailers or campers, big-rig parking is marked in easy to see red print. I’ve planned dozens of trips back and forth across this great nation without sweating a drop about missing the last fuel stop or rest stop before I hit that 100-mile stretch of barren highway. Pre-planning a trip is super easy, or have your co-pilot plan your stops on the fly.”

“We bought the 2015 edition and we have used it extensively while RVing. We would not travel without this book, so we decided to update with the 2018 edition. You won’t regret your purchase.”

“I saved the price of the book on our first day out. By now I have paid for it many times over, but my frustration level has also dropped. I am very, very pleased! ”

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