Hey Glampers, a Tiny House Named Lucy Wants to be Yours – Plans

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Have you thought about glamping full time or putting up a tiny home somewhere you can run to on a whim or a vacation? You know, away from sleeping on the ground and being eaten by bears.

Tiny homes have made us just about wet ourselves with excitement as they truly make for the most excellent camping experience and that’s why we are here.

So these are house plans for Lucy!
Say hi, Lucy.

If you want to buy the plans for Lucy, click here for her. She likes it.

The thing about tiny homes is that you may have options. You could put one in your own backyard, or on another plot somewhere. You can live in it full time like RV living, or only visit for vacations, holidays or weekend camping. Family camping, singles camping, couples camping, women’s getaway weekends, kids camping or playhouse, hunter’s camp… you name it.

You could set up an RV next to it or tent camping for a weekend and supply a better bathroom for your guests. You could rent it out on AirBnB to help pay for itself and then for more glamping. You can camp in any weather and still have fun!

The pie in the tiny house sky seems to be yours. 

You also have your own dedicated bathroom, heat, cooling, water, and electric always available. Your bed never gets wet with dew. You rarely get attacked by rabid raccoons and zombies. You have a lock and key with storage and a full-time kitchen so you don’t have to haul as much back and forth from camp. Halle-freaking-luyah!!

So we found these plans for Lucy. Look at the pics, she’s amazing. 

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