Uquip Charly Pop-Up Cupboard for Camping, Camp Kitchen, Wardrobe

source site This is a workhorse of a foldable camping kitchen cabinet, food storage, or wardrobe. 

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With extra large storage compartments and two side 

pockets, the removable and wipeable shelves have aluminum edges and can hold up to 55 pounds each.

Did we say each? Yes, that’s 55 pounds each.

Ventilated in the back so you can use it as food storage. Zippered so your stuff stays dry, dirt-free and bug-free.

http://wavefrontmastering.com/?p=75 It won’t necessarily keep the bears out, but it will give them something fun to throw.

Get your own bear projectile, the Uquip Charly Pop-Up Portable Cupboard for Camping, before your next trip!

Product description

2in1 – Foldable camping cabinet and bar table 
Kitchen cupboard – camping kitchen – low weight

Comes with 3 large storage compartments and a removable tabletop.

Additionally, this camping closet contains 2 side pockets for storing smaller items.

The fly screen on the backside allows ventilation, so storing food in the pop-up closet is possible as well.

Made of sturdy polyester and the removable top shelf this cabinet can be turned into a bar table with only a few simple steps.

Pack size:  24 x 22 x 4 In

Delivery contents:

  • 1 pop-up camping cupboard
  • 3 shelves with aluminum edge
  • Worktop with aluminum edge
  • Robust carrying bag


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