WakaWaka Power+ Solar Powered Flashlight & Charger, Camping, Hiking

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Don’t get caught out there without a reliable charger and bright LED flashlight for safety.

Stay safe from evil gnome bears and rabid chipmunks with the WakaWaka Power+ unit. It’s a durable, easy-to-use, ultra-efficient solar flashlight and charger.

It provides up to 150 hours of bright LED light on a single charge and will charge smartphones, cameras, and other USB-powered gear.

WWP22/4CBS/ESF Power+ Solar Powered Flashlight & Charger 2200mAh in Black
  • Charge in the sun or from a wall outlet
  • Full battery after 12-18 hours in the sun, 3 hours plugged into a wall outlet
  • Charges a smartphone in approx. 2 hrs
  • Provides up to 180 hours of light on one charge
  • 5 light settings from 5-70 lumens
  • SOS emergency beacon
  • Light and charger can be used simultaneously
  • Made of high impact resistant, 100% recycled PC-ABS

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