Ultra Wide Wheel Beach or Picnic Cart by Wonder Wheeler

beach, tailgating, camping, outdoor event, july 4th, picnic, bbq, barbecue, rolling cart, beach cartOur cart pick is perfect for a dehydrating day at the beach, a barbecue with strange relatives, or a cozy, intimate July 4th picnic surrounded by a thousand people you don’t know and probably don’t like.

The wide wheels make slugging through a day with family a little easier. It does go over soft sand and uses the same technology as a baby stroller.

The beach cart should be called the Sherpa. It holds up to 4 chairs, a large cooler, plus boasts a large cargo area. It can be ordered with an optional bodyboard pouch on the side. Weight limit of 77 pounds.

Order your Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart today!


  More Details About the Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart:
  • Comes with mist finish tubing, and grey/silver mesh and black spun polyester fabric.
  • This cart has all the features of the deluxe model but with 4 inch wide wheels for smooth, easy rolling of heavy, awkward gear over most terrain.
  • Folds flat for easy storage and pivoting front wheels of 4.5 inches diameter for easy navigating; Folded dimensions (inches): 37H x 16W x 8D
  • Weighs 12.8 lbs
  • Open dimensions (inches): 39.5 H x 16 W x 28.8 D
  • Frame comes fully assembled – just add the easy snap on wheels
  • Extended neoprene handle makes handling a breeze.
  • Full width back cover for extra durability, with an embroidered back pocket for quick access storage.
  • Has dual steerable 4.5″ front wheels for greater maneuverability and navigates any surface with ease.
  • Chair Hanging Bar width of 16.5 inches
  • Umbrella mounted to the built-in holder on the side of the cart
  • Weight Capacity 77 Lbs.
  • The large and wide rear wheels (10″ dia. x 4″ wide) allows to easily roll on sand compared to narrow wheels. Will not sink or plow on sand.
  • Buy the Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart here!

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