Bastex 14-in-1 Multi-tool, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Backpacking, Hiking, Survival

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This is a mouthful, but it does like e’rything. Bastex 14-in-1, durable, stainless steel, multitool and multipurpose pocket knife and plier kit.

Use it when you go on road trips, RV’ing, tent camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking, etc.

  • It’s RUGGED, it’s durable, it has 14 different tools and its ready for nearly any weird tasks you can throw at it. You can cut and re-string your guitar, open your cans and bottles with ease or saw and prune in your garden. Of course it doesn’t have to stop there, use your creativity as it comes equipped to solve nearly all of your daily problems around the house, garage, shop, and garden. Take it camping, take it to the garage or fix that nagging repair inside your house. It can do it all.
  • FIX STUFF: When you are in your home and you need to tighten a loose screw it has you covered. When you have any nagging repair jobs like pulling something out of a tight space the pliers are ready to go. But it doesn’t have to end there, the multitool will go as far as your own creativity and ingenuity can take it. With so many different options its very likely you return to our multitool when its time to try and tackle that nagging repair around your home, garage, office or camping grounds.
  • CUT THINGS: This is another place where the multitool gets to shine. It slices it dices but most importantly its portable and ready to cut into all kinds of things with its built-in saw blade and pocket blade. Bust into that ridiculously strong plastic on your new toy or cut that string that is dangling from your shirt, pants or dress. Works great in the garden to cut or prune or a thin plant branch, flowers or vines. It can be used to cut all kinds of strings like fishing line and guitar string
  • IT’S ALSO SAFE: Any time you are dealing with repairs, using brute force or knives you want to make sure the tool you are using is going to protect its user to the best of its abilities. Each multitool features a strong locking mechanism that ensures any tool that is currently in use and properly locked in will not budge or dislocate while in use. On top of this locking feature is the metal materials and strong construction that make sure it lasts through all the jobs you can throw at it.
  • WARRANTY: You want your tools to work just as hard as you do and that means having a tool that will stand the test of time. We stand behind every product that bears the Bastex name. This multi-tool comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Bastex 14-in-1, durable, stainless steel, multitool and multipurpose pocket knife and plier kit, a perfect camping and backpacking tool.

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