27″ Camco 51091 Portable Campfire Ring, Camping Fire Pit

portable campire ring, portable camping fire pit

Campfire safety is important, says Smokey The Bear and everyone else. But the idea of finding and carrying a bunch of rocks for a one-time fire at your campsite can be daunting and downright buggering.

Instead of all that nonsense, safely contain your campfire with Camco’s 51091 Portable Campfire Ring, Camping Fire Pit. The large, 27-inch wide steel ring will accommodate your natural wood-burning fire, and allow you to safely build a campfire wherever you bring it. 

The six-piece hinged ring easily unfolds and assembles with no tools needed for assembly. When you’re done, allow the ring to cool off significantly before folding it and storing it into the included bag.  

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More About This 27″ Portable Campfire Ring
  • 6-Piece hinged construction
  • Tree cut-outs create a captivating ambiance.
  • Easily transportable, Folds flat for easy storage
  • Heavy-duty, durable steel construction
  • 27-inch wide ring
  • A lot easier than finding rocks
  • Portable, with included storage bag
  • Easy to assemble and break down
How it Works

The six pre-attached panels fold for easy storage. To set up, remove the panel assembly from the storage bag, unfold and attach together at the hinge. If you want to build a smaller fire, you can use fewer panels. Make sure the ring is sturdy and build your fire within it. When you’re done, allow the panels to cool, then separate and fold them and place the assembly back in the bag for next time.