Coleman Portable QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker, Glass or Stainless Carafe

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Check out this sweet, red, portable, camp coffee-producing dreamboat. It may or may not be perfect, but anything that gives you coffee on the go is perfect enough for glamping, camping, tailgating and early mornings after you’ve slept in the woods and people are already trying to talk to you not realizing you’re more dangerous than that bear that’s lurking over to the right.

You can usually find the best price for this Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker on Amazon. This one has a glass carafe, so if you’re looking for something unbreakable, try virtually the same camping coffeemaker with a stainless steel carafe.

Ta-da! You’re welcome.

If you get this coffeemaker, you’ll need 16.4oz 16.4oz propane cylinders.
Get this coffeemaker’s carrying case here too. Ain’t we swanky now?

Want to know the deets about this product, or did we already have you at the word coffee? Warning: sarcasm included.

  • Drip, fresh-brewed coffeemaker, approximately 9.5 pounds. Is that heavy? I dunno. Heavier than your average baby, but you can stuff this baby in a carrying case.
  • Brews a full 10-cup pot of coffee in just 15-18 minutes (Not super fast, but it’s coffee!)
  • Pause ‘n’ Serve feature lets you pour a fresh cup while brewing. Not that many of us stop ourselves from letting it drip and sizzle if we are that freaking desperate, but this one plays nice. That’s so nice. 
  • Powered by a standard propane cylinder for up to 4.5 hours; 4,500 total BTU’s.
  • Coleman’s proprietary push-button Instastart™ ignition feature ensures match-free lighting, even in windy conditions. But if it’s windy, we recommend you don’t go camping. Shoot, we recommend you don’t go camping even when it’s not windy.
  • PerfectFlow™ regulator technology provides consistent performance by producing a steady fuel stream, even in extreme conditions.
  • Carafe and removable basket filter are dishwasher safe. I mean. You might have a dishwasher with you, right? 
  • Some details may differ between the stainless steel and glass carafe models, so read the details on the website to be sure.
  •  Some kind of warranty comes with this but you’ll have to look into it because we couldn’t be bothered.