Custom RV Dish Drying Mat, Coffeepot Mat, RV Decor, Camper Decor

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Premium embroidered dish drying mat with appliqued RV, embroidered trees and quote stating “Life is good!” Customize and personalize!

You choose:
  • Color of mat
  • Option for name
Premium RV Dish Drying Mat:
  • 16” x 18”
  • Schroeder and Tremayne Mat
  • Fits under your coffeemaker so that you can easily slide it out from underneath the cabinets when making or serving coffee
  • Use as a dish drying mat
  • Machine wash warm/ dry low
  • No chlorine bleach
  • ABSORBENT: Holds 4 times its weight in water
  • Unique, laminated design combines a layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber.
  • Satin border

Embellished in a non-smoking, pet-free home office. They will come to your home freshly washed, ironed and wrapped with a raffia bow.

Production Method *Amazon Procedure for appliquéd mats All of my items are made with the highest quality materials. The mats are S&T 16″ x 18″ premium mats.

    Appliquéd mats:

  • Mats are placed in a hoop with quality back stabilizer and fabric water soluble top stabilizer
  • Stabilizer is ironed to back of appliqué fabric
  • Pieces of fabric included in the design are then cut out
  • Appliqué fabric is placed on the mat and satin stitched in a special order
  • Quotes are embroidered to the mat with premium Madeira thread
  • Jump threads are trimmed
  • Back stabilizer is removed
  • Top stabilizer is removed
  • Mat is freshly laundered
  • Mats are wrapped in a raffia bow
  • Packaged to ship to their new home.
Size 16″x18″
Material Premium Microfiber
Needlework Applique and Embroidery
About Embroidery Hut Dish Towels for Your Camp Kitchen in Your RV or Tent Trailer
I reside in New Mexico. My embroidery and applique products are produced in a small (one person) shop in my home. Adding a bit of playfulness to the practical items we use every day makes life fun.
Whether it is an RV, camper, 5th wheel, pop-up, trailer, or tent or even your home, there is something here for you to brighten your space. PLEASE click on the red, white and blue RV picture to see the rest of my fun items.
My designs are unique, fun and whimsical. My products include custom embroidered and appliqued dish drying mats, pet feeding mats, dish towels and more.
My RV and camping products are super cute and practical. Only the best quality of materials are used.
Procedure for appliquéd mats: 1. Stabilizer is ironed to back of appliqué material 2. Pieces of fabric to be included in the design are then cut out 3. Water soluble stabilizer is placed over the front of the mat 4. Fabric is placed on top of the stabilizer and satin stitched to the mat in a special sequence 5. Quotes are embroidered to the mat 6. Running stitches are cut 7. Stabilizer is torn off the back 8. Mats are freshly washed Production of towels: 1. Laundered and pressed to provide minimum shrinkage THEN… 2. Procedure is same as mats.

Personalized Dish Drying Mat, Coffeepot Mat, RV Decor, Camper Decor.
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