Drink Daddy Portable Wine & Beverage Station, Camping, Beach, Picnics

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Despite the fact that someone in their infinite wisdom decided this should be named Drink Daddy, we think it’s pretty cool for on the go beverage consumption of your choice. From big and small stemmed wineglasses to cans and bottles of whatever your poison.

The table itself is stiff enough and flat enough to handle the extras and it can be stuck in the ground, used on a base, and carried in a bag when you’re ready to stumble away.

Hang on tight kids, here are the Drink Daddy details:

Drink Daddy keeps beverages within easy reach and safe from spilling while entertaining outdoors. It keeps hands free so you can eat, gesture, shake hands and use a napkin without losing your drink.

It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use. And because it’s height adjustable, it moves to just the right height-whether you’re sitting on the grass or in a chair or standing.

With five stemware holders and five beverage holders Drink Daddy easily holds stemware, glasses, cans, wine bottles and cocktail shakers simultaneously.

Weighing 6 pounds, Drink Daddy folds like an umbrella into its own carry bag, making it easy to transport and store.

It’s great for backyard parties, picnicking, camping, beach going, tailgating, outdoor concerts, kids sporting events, receptions, poolside, wine tasting, July 4th parties, BBQs, boating and much more.