Mini Portable Espresso Machine Coffeemaker for Camping

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Buy this Wancle mini espresso machine for camping from Amazon before your
next trip if the usual portable coffeemakers are too big.

This sturdy little machine makes a great, hot, strong, aromatic espresso shot for the morning – or repeatedly throughout the whole day while you’re enduring your camping or backpacking trip. Take it hiking, keep it by the fire, whatever.

You’ll make one shot at a time and have to unscrew and reload the water and grinds (and pump it, pump it, pump it up!) to get another.

But that’s good, because if you drink too much espresso too fast, you’ll end up talking to the trees and tasting colors. Where did my eyelids go? They haven’t closed in an hour. Wheee!

Also, the brand name is Wancle. We all have one of those in our family. Like, you’re such a wancle, Bob. Sigh. But what would we do without him?

  • The Wancle (teehee) mini portable espresso machine is palm-sized and lightweight.
  • It uses no batteries or electric power, as it’s a fully hand-operated, hand-pressure capsule.
  • The Wancle (haha) uses 7 grams (one scoop) of ground coffee for each use.
  • The outer sleeve of the espresso cup and water tank is soft silicone and works as an anti-scalding device so you won’t burn yourself.
  • Not dishwasher safe so you could just rinse it in a stream if you don’t mind the fish poop.
  • There are instructions and a warranty included.

Easy to use:

  • Add ground coffee to the filter basket with a scoop.
  • Apply slight pressure to level the grounds.
  • Add hot water to the water tank.
  • Screw together and start pumping.
  • 6 pumps fills the filter basket with water.
  • The first 6 strokes will fill the filter basket with water.
  • Continue pumping until no more coffee comes out.

Ready yet? Buy this Wancle mini espresso machine for camping from Amazon.

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