RV Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer Tray for Camping Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom

rv, rv living, rv life, rv organizer, rv lazy susan, rv kitchen, rv bathroom, patio table organizer, turntable organizer, camper organization, camp kitchenRV Lazy Susan? We have always marveled at the name of the Lazy Susan our whole lives. Who was Susan and how did she become the pariah in the kitchen for an object everyone wants and uses?

When we’re done staring off into space wondering about the unfair discrimination of lazy Susans in the kitchen, we also find great use for this organizer in the RV bedroom and bathroom, cupboards and countertops, outdoor patio tables, and more.

This pick of ours is not marketed to campers, but is smaller than a lot of cabinet organizers so that it will fit your needs as an actual RV Lazy Susan.

Your choice of an 11-inch 2-tier RV Lazy Susan organizer or a single turntable tray in 9, 11, and 14″ sizes.

More Product & Company Information About the InterDesign RV Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer Tray for Camping Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom

Great for the pantry, jars in the refrigerator, or on the kitchen table, this durable plastic turntable will help you organize and locate your most used kitchen products like condiments, spices and napkins.

Keeping everything tidy, organized and easy to reach, the lazy susan can be used in deep cabinets or on high shelves to make accessing the contents easier. Nothing gets lost at the back of the storage cabinet – just one quick spin of the turntable and it’s right at the front.

Durable stainless steel ball bearings ensure that the RV lazy susan rotates smoothly, so locating items becomes completely effortless, and an integral lipped edge keeps the contents secure when the turntable tray spins.

Ideal for spices, jars and seasoning storage in the pantry, this smart, versatile turntable can also be used for napkins and condiments on the kitchen table, cosmetics, makeup and beauty products on the vanity or sewing accessories in the craft room.

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