Tabor Tools J60A Chopping Ax Camp Hatchet for Kindling & Zombies

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Order your Tabor Tools J60A Chopping Ax Camp Hatchet for kindling and killing here.

You must be here looking for protection from zombies or woodland serial killers, right?

Why else would you need a hatchet on your camping and backpacking… ohhhh… some of you like to cut your own kindling for the fire. Gotcha.

We don’t know why you would want to add more to your great outdoors misery, but also watch a lot of horror flicks, so we know you won’t last long without some kind of axe on you out there.

But we digress…

This 14″ orange and black beauty is a Tabor Tools J60A chopping ax. The camp hatchet is perfect for splitting kindling and chopping brush and small-to-medium-sized branches and zombies. It’s made for light-duty to mid-duty use.

The flat side is perfect for hammering tent pegs into the ground for those of us crazies who decide to sleep in tents even with the danger all around.

Tabor Tools are designed to make an impact. Their powerful appearance in colorful red and black make sure to leave a strong lasting impression…on a random killer clown’s face.

The Tabor Tools J60A chopping ax gets deeper with each swing to kill more zombies faster. Perfectly balanced with a power-to-weight ratio that increases swing speed to multiply power.

The protective sleeve allows for safe storage and transportation to your doom.

The camp hatchet has a lanyard hole and can be fastened to your backpack with a carabiner. Though this may slow you down when you need to pull it out fast for protection.

Should you drop your weapon, the bright orange handle will help you locate it again fast enough to swing at Vikings. The sturdy yet light-weight fiberglass handle provides you with all the strength you need.

 The handle has a cushioned rubber non-slip handle grip, which is shock absorbent, reducing hand strain. Optimal anti shock surface structure ensures a comfortable, firm grip. The anti-slip grip allows you to hold tight when you’re being terrorized in the forest by vampires.
More Product Details But Without The Crazy Talk

Perfect for campers, hikers, backpackers, or other outdoor activities. It’s a practical item to keep in the car or the boat. Can fit into ATV baskets, unlike rifles.

You may need to sharpen the Tabor chopping axe before or after its first use. You can use this Lansky Puck, a dual grit multi-purpose blade and tool sharpener.

“Tabor Tools 14” Axe offers superior performance rooted in decades of gardening expertise. This tool has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind, featuring ergonomically contoured grips, innovative mechanisms, and coated blades for a sharper, longer lasting cut.”

“This smaller, easy-to-carry 14” model with comfortable, ergonomic grips ensure a balanced weight across the tool. This item is durable and features a precision-ground razor-sharp blade that cuts through kindling fast. The coating on the blades keeps them sharper for longer and make them resistant to corrosion.”

The proprietary blade-grinding technique provides a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner cuts. So the top of the blade is perfect for removing bark or getting into a tight spot like a monster’s eyeball. It’s like using a powerful chisel.

Good balance between head and shaft safe, comfortable and efficient to use for killing.  

For easy storage, the blade comes with a rubber protective band for safe storage and transport. After use, simply wipe away the brains apply the rubber protective sleeve and hang the hatchet from the handle after use.

The steel head has a protective coating and the cutting blade features a fully polished finished edge.

Order with confidence. The Tabor Tool customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and answer your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched.

Order your Tabor Tools J60A Killing Machine Chopping Ax Camp Hatchet.