Another Option for Tub Spas for Camping & Glamping

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This particular page in the camping bathtub series focuses on a version of portable camping and Glamping bathtubs that have little to no inflatable parts. You might find this easier, but perhaps less comfortable or less easily stored. We aren’t sure. If you have experience in this department, please comment!

And don’t forget to grab your repair kit for emergencies!

We’ve curated a bunch of less-inflatable or not-inflatable tub spas for camping and glamping for you to look through. They have some different features and reviews, so you’ll need to find what you think is the right one for you or your family while camping it up.

Are you ready to have a look? Here are some links to camping bathtubs we found:
  1. Our favorite we’ve found so far (but have not tried for ourselves) is this double folding portable bathtub with cover and cushion in green. It comes with a cover, drainpipe, and a repair kit, and seems to be fairly large and FUN.
  2. This folding portable bathtub with insulated cover comes in pink and silly or green and swirly.
  3. In pink, this camping bathtub with drain is smaller, durable, easy to clean and made of 3 layers waterproof and resistant fabric.
  4. Another foldable camping bathtub option in pink.
  5. Here’s a cute tropical looking folding bathtub that has no reviews as of this post, but might just be exactly what you’re looking for!
  6. This all plastic folding bathtub is like a plastic tote.
  7. Another pink folding bathtub with stainless steel brackets.

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